It’s happening. Paul McCartney is finally completing an unexpected trilogy with McCartney III.

Over the last few days, Paul had teased on Twitter that something was coming – sharing imagery and dice showing the number 3. Any McCartney fan will have spotted this a mile off – and they did indeed!

The rumours were confirmed on October 21st, when the trailer for the album dropped – and fans went wild!

While the rest of the world was in lockdown, Paul McCartney was in rockdown – writing, producing and playing each instrument himself, thus completing the trilogy of Paul McCartney solo albums.

The upcoming album will feature unfinished material from the past, including “When Winter Comes”, a track from the 1990’s that was co-produced by George Martin.

Paul McCartney Releases McCartney III

Credit: Mary McCartney/MPL

Both McCartney and McCartney II have never been met with mainstream success, however, over the years they have gone on to achieve cult status. McCartney, written in secret whilst Paul was still in The Beatles, shows slight experimentation, not that far a leap from what The Beatles were doing at the time (as a matter of fact multiple songs that feature on McCartney, were played during the Let It Be Sessions, such as “Teddy Boy” and “Junk”.

This seemed to be a popular occurrence for songs around that time that never made the cut for either The White Album or Let It Be, with George Harrison releasing the likes of “Not Guilty” and “All Things Must Pass” and John Lennon shelving the 1969 version of “Gimme Some Truth” until it’s mainstream outing as a solo track in 1971.

McCartney II, released 10 years after it’s predecessor and the first post-Wings, McCartney album experimented even further – you only need listen to “Temporary Secretary” to know that. “Temporary Secretary”, although released in 1980, didn’t actual find any level of success until the mid-90’s, when it was popular with DJ’s on the dance scene.

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into both McCartney and McCartney II along with Beatles-era tracks released on solo albums imminently.

While fans around the world rejoice for the upcoming release of McCartney III – something else is brewing in Liverpool.

The children’s choir at the Paul McCartney founded Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) have been recording vocal tracks for an upcoming re-release of Paul’s (and the frog chorus’) 1984 track “We All Stand Together”, which was always taken as a bit of fun, but in 2020, seems more poignant than ever before.

McCartney III could not have come at a better time – practically topping off a god awful year with something to look forward to!

McCartney III is released December 11th from Capitol Records.

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